Void Scanning
Don't risk damage to infrastructure when drilling or cutting concrete structures

Are you planning to drill, cut or remove concrete structures in your building or property? Before you proceed, it's essential to consider the potential risks and consequences of damaging hidden cables, pipes, ducts or reinforcement structures that could cause significant damage to infrastructure and endanger people's lives.

Key benefits

Void scanning is a sophisticated technique used to identify and analyse voids beneath concrete surfaces. These voids can be caused by a variety of factors, such as erosion, shifting soils, or inadequate construction practices. Detecting these voids is essential as they can compromise the structural integrity of the concrete, leading to potential safety hazards and costly repairs.

Increased Safety
Cost Savings
Improved Accuracy
Non-Destructive Testing
Time Savings

Void Scanning: The Key to Safe and Efficient Construction Projects

In the dynamic landscape of construction, demolition, renovation, and infrastructure development in New Zealand, uncovering hidden challenges beneath concrete surfaces is of paramount importance. Void scanning has emerged as a critical solution, offering a non-invasive approach to detecting voids under concrete slabs. Here, we delve into the complexities of void scanning and how Locate Services can provide comprehensive analysis to safeguard your projects.


What is Void Scanning and how does it work?

Voids under concrete slabs can have serious repercussions, ranging from structural instability to safety risks. With void scanning, these hidden dangers can be unveiled before they escalate into larger problems. Our technology can identify voids and anomalies that may compromise the stability of your concrete structures.

Our void scanning process involves the utilization of advanced equipment that emits electromagnetic waves into the concrete. These waves interact with the subsurface materials, providing valuable data that is then analysed by our experts. The result is a clear image of the subsurface, highlighting voids, irregularities, and potential hazards.


Protect your property and lives: Consider the risks of drilling or cutting concrete structures

Locate Services offers a comprehensive void scanning service that employs advanced technology for non-invasive analysis. Our team utilises cutting-edge equipment to create a detailed image of the subsurface conditions. This enables us to accurately pinpoint the location, size, and depth of voids under concrete slabs without the need for destructive measures.

Our void scanning service includes comprehensive reporting that details the location, size, and depth of detected voids. This information empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your construction or renovation plans.


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